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When you find that your home is not keeping up with your changing needs, VArchitect has skills and knowledge to develop the home you desire, on a limited budget. Is your family growing? Does your home need some sprucing up? Or have you simply saved up to improve your place a bit? We have helped many customers to move into a home of their dreams.

Support during the Entire Process

Since we are home owners and builders too, we understand the difficulties of planning and building on a budget. Come to one of our office locations to see our portfolio and choose what first you best.

Going through the planning process alone can be quite intimidating, it requires a lot of coordination between engineers, designers, and planners. We will help you select well-priced, tested, and professional team of specialists, and walk you through the whole process.

Then the building begins - our in-house General Constructor (GC) coordinates the work of all the different trades, while an architect supervises to make sure the GC is implementing the drawings correctly. Not having proper architectural supervision can lead to discrepancies and construction delays, as well as going over budget. We prevent this from ever happening!

Practical Solutions

You can benefit from our extensive network of experienced professionals who can deliver just the service you need through practical solutions. You may not need extensive hallways throughout your house, but how about that extra bedroom or storage space? Our design and construction techniques ensure optimal use of space and save on materials.

With our library of floor plans, we maximize the size of each room, lowering construction costs through tested design best practices.

Building on a Budget, without Delays

We can also get the building permit for you and manage the coordination with engineers at little or no extra cost. Your new home will pass city inspections with ease.

We prevent exceeding the construction budget and running into building delays thanks to our architectural control and general contracting services, which makes it possible to build a home in just five months instead of the usual twelve to fourteen. We develop detailed schedules, and we know our contractors well, so there is no need to redo the work to remedy mistakes.

We can help you find a solution that fits you best, whether you are building from scratch or remodeling.

Design Packages

VArchitect offers four design packages, to suit everyone’s needs.

This package includes preliminary design, space planning and architectural working drawings, as well as two visits to the municipality in the course of procuring a building permit.

Besides including the services of the basic package, we also coordinate all engineering work.

White-glove Care
On top of providing architectural drawings and coordinating engineering, we also follow up on every step of the process to get the building permit for you.

Turn-key (Design-build)
This package takes the white-glove care a step further. Besides including all of the above services, it also offers general contracting. When choosing this package, all you will have to worry about is picking out your furniture, while your home is being built. We do all the work for you!

Transformation Complete

See your home transformed into a better version of its former self!

About Us

VArchitect, Inc. - Family Homes

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