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21 Deanefield Crescent Addition


Project Description

The main goal of this project was to give the customer a larger, more elegant-looking home while working on a very restricted budge. Part of the second floor was built, together with a staircase, and the entire wall surface was modified to provide a touch of sophistication.

Despite financial limitations, it was possible to bring the client’s dream to life by taking full advantage of the existing structure. Part of the second floor was built on top of the garage. The main entrance also went unchanged, and a staircase was added to provide access upstairs. The walls got a total makeover through the use of stucco. To top it all off, our customers did not have to move out during the construction - an added cost saver.

Our scope included the following:

  • Preliminary design and space planning
  • Working drawings and coordination with clients and consultants
  • Building permit procurement
  • Tendering of construction contract
  • Architectural control during construction and contract administration*
  • Interior design
*Architectural control during construction:
Once the building permit is issued, we help with the hiring of a general contractor and ensure that the architectural plans are being followed. Since the city inspector checks the construction site on a regular basis, it is essential that the work carried out strictly corresponds to permit drawings. Normally, about 50% of building projects do not pass such inspections. This results in remediation measures, which means an extra cost to the customer and delays in construction.

Our Client's Words:

We thought we would never be able to afford a larger home. Thanks to VArchitect, though, we did not have to stay in a typical small house. They were able to give us more than we had even hoped for, on a very limited budget!

How was that possible? They took note of all our wishes and designs, and turned them into a workable and affordable solution. Not an inch of the original house got demolished! They built a part of the second floor right on top of our garage, kept the main entrance intact and just added a staircase. To give the whole building a uniform look, they renovated the wall by simply putting stucco on top of the existing brick.

The best part? We did not have to move out while the construction was taking place! Talk about savings and convenience!

Every day, when we come home, we look at our beautiful house and can’t stop smiling. It just makes our day, every time. We are now living in a larger, much more elegant-looking home, and we spent so little! Thank you, VArchitect, for completing “mission impossible”!

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