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5 Wingrove Hill Addition


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The main task was to transform a small traditional house into an elegant two-storey edifice, without an intimidating budget. Work was also done on restructuring the basement and installing insulation. The client was completely satisfied: the house sold very quickly, which was the goal.
Even though the house’s height did not allow for a second floor, it was possible to build it by putting the entire second storey under the roof, which also saved on costs. The basement apartment walkout at the back ended up being above ground, creating an illusion of three storeys - quite a feat in a neighborhood where no more than two are allowed. All the work was done on a modest budget, thanks to keeping the original walls and simply building on them, including a complete change to their façade, as well as the roof.

Our scope included the following:

  • Building permit procurement
  • Floor plans and elevations design
  • Architectural control during construction and contract administration*
  • Interior design

*Architectural control during construction:
Once the building permit is issued, we help with the hiring of a general contractor and ensure that the architectural plans are being followed. Since the city inspector checks the construction site on a regular basis, it is essential that the work carried out strictly corresponds to permit drawings. Normally, about 50% of building projects do not pass such inspections. This results in remediation measures, which means an extra cost to the customer and delays in construction.

Our Client's Words:

An ugly duckling can indeed become a beautiful swan! That surely was the case for our place. An absolutely plain one-storey house became a two-floor beauty of picture-perfect elegance.

VArchitect was the right firm to bring our vision to life, with their extensive experience and access to high-end materials. The VIP treatment they gave us was unparalleled: from showing us their proposal in the comfort of a professional conference room (accompanied by a great cup of coffee!) to embodying the very last detail on our wish list.

As a result, this completely revamped home projects an image of grace, both inside and out, while keeping a functional design. The added wall height allowed for a tall wide staircase, flanked by sleek railing, to lead into a completely renewed entrance. Traditional, yet modern at the same time, its interior design boasts clean lines that make the eye rejoice.

To top it all, VArchitect saved us a lot of money - they managed to put the entire second floor under a new roof, which is much cheaper than building it the conventional way. Besides, they did amazing work on making the back of the house look like it has three storeys (the entrance to the basement is now above ground). Better yet, the new insulation is perfect: the house stays cool in the summer and keeps its warmth during the cold season.

Thanks to such an amazing transformation, we were able to sell this house in record time, which is what we were looking for.

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